Sweetheart overbust steampunk themed leather corset


This stunning leather corset is a true one of a kind corset. This was designed in-house from the ground up. We did not use any store bought patterns, but created our own unique pattern for this corset. Everything with this corset was created by hand from tooling the sketched pattern onto the leather, the setting of the rivets, to the buckle straps as well as the lacing.

This black antique corset's measurements are : 39.5 inch ( 101cm ) bust, 30.5 inch ( 77cm ) waist, and 40 inch ( 102cms ) hip. No steel boning is used as this is relatively thick leather ( 6-7oz) which means it will hold it's shape nicely without needing the steel boning. Over time the corset may stretch a little due to the nature of leather.

This corset will enhance any fine wench's physique! This corset is perfect for any of those medieval balls, or chasing down a notorious air pirate.