Stunning Leather bracelet with removeable center concho


This stunning piece of leather work will grab anyone's attention.  At 2 and a quarter inches wide this is a thicker bracelet the light purple tone is called mahogany though the bracelet does come in a few choices of coloring, black (with light brown lacing), dark brown (light brown lacing), medium brown,(black or light brown lacing your choice) and saddle tan(black lacing). Each bracelet will come with two conchos of your choice (please send us an email  for pictures of the current available concho) The center Celtic piece in the picture is a concho that is held on by a simple screw, which means when you get bored with one look you can easily change the center piece with nothing more then a straight screwdriver.  The bracelet also comes tooled with the choice of the Buyer's two initials. On either side of the concho and stunning Mexican basket weaved leather lacing.  This bracelet is made from 100% real 8  to 9 oz veg tan leather.
As each piece is individually made  by hand do please allow one to two weeks for the finished product to be shipped.  To make sure the bracelet fits perfectly take a string and wrap it around your wrist, marking where the end of the string touches and then measure from that point to the end of the end of the string. Due to the thickness of the leather do add 2 inches to the measurement. Or if you have a bracelet that you already own simply measure the length from clasp to clasp then add 2 inches for a proper fit. As these are individual bracelets I am not resposnable for any wrong measurements. So please be very careful with your measurements.