Rose Leather Jewelery box


This stunning rose tooled leather jewellery box will make the perfect addition to anyone's home décor.  The jewellery box has been done all by hand, from the cutting of the 100 % pure vegetable tanned hide to the inverted rose tooling, even the stitching is done by hand. The tooling is done with nothing more than a mallet and metal stamps, it takes over two hours of meticulous work to carve the inverted roses and vines. The lid sits perfectly on the box and is heavy enough that it will stay in place. The handmade leather jewellery box is great for storing jewellery as well as other precious items that you want to protect, yet keep with in reach.

This would look perfect in a bed room or even on a fire place mantle.  Pick up this piece before it is gone as this is a truly unique piece of work, as no two jewellery boxes will be the same, each one will have slight differences to it as these are truly made by hand with no machinery involved. Which means each mark, each stitch will have a soul to it, that these modern plastic mass produced jewellery boxes lack. The individual care and attention shown in making each jewellery box shows though the old world craftsmanship that other mass produced products can not and will never show. When someone looks at your handmade leather jewellery box they will know that you have a great eye for fine quality items.


Length:22.7 cm/ 8 3/4 inches

Width: 15.5 cm/ 6 inches

Depth: 7.6 cm/ 3 inches