Medium Brown mini wallet


This 100 percent genuine veg tanned leather minimalist wallet is perfect for when you do not want nor need to carry a heavy purse or wallet. This will hold up to three cards and a bit of cash for those times when you are either going for a bike ride, a run, or just a quick trip to the store or a night on the town where a bulky wallet or purse will ruin the look you are trying to go for. Perfect for going out in cosplay as this wallet will not show up to distract from your stunning costume.

The leather was hand picked for its quality and feel. Each stitch was hand sewn so you know that it's been made with care.
The side pocket will hold up to three cards safely. This wallet is perfect for taking a little bit of cash, your ID and a credit card and membership or calling card with you where ever you go. The measurements are 10cm x 8cm fits perfect in a front or back pocket with out leaving a huge imprint that other full wallets will leave.