Leather Steampunk Jewellery box


This Stunning hand made leather jewellery box is the perfect place not only to keep your jewellery handy but also any vials or gizmos that you may need to keep track of! Each corner is hand stitched with a very strong cross pattern as well as a saddle stitch which will hold up to years of use. The lid is a heavy lid and sits very well inside the jewellery box to keep it from simply sliding off. Made from 100 % real veg-tanned leather. All done by hand so you know it will stand the test of time better than any cheap plastic box. This truly one of a kind jewellery box is perfect for any sky captain to give them a safe and easy access so no matter where they are they will always look their finest.

Also a great place to hide any and all ill gotten gains as a pirate sailing the skies looking for their next adventure!


Length:22.7 cm/ 8 3/4 inches

Width: 15.5 cm/ 6 inches

Depth: 7.6 cm/ 3 inches