Leather Messenger bag with magnetic closures


This 100 percent real leather messenger bag is a one off product for us, the style we are keeping but we were experimenting with the use of magnetic closures. The bag is all hand done, hand dyed, as well as hand stitched. This product is a truly sound product but we just feel that there are a few negatives to the bag so we are offering it at a major discount, a pure leather messenger bag such as this could cost up to 800 dollars but as this is a one off we are pricing it at 300 AUD. The problem with the magnetic closures is that it does not allow the user a lot of room. Lets face it we all over stuff bags even though we are not suppose to. yet with the three magnets (two on the front top, one in the middle) it does not really allow the user to over fill the bag..which might be a good thing! DO NOT put any electronic devices in the pocket against the front as that is where the magnets are.

The back pocket is perfect for fitting a lap top in, there is space for an A4 size pad of paper, as well as plenty of space for things like power cords and mice.

Bag size: 9 and 1/4 inches tall 15 inches wide 5 and 1/4 inches depth  when not filled