Leather journal cover


This stunning hand made leather journal cover is the perfect gift idea for anyone that enjoys writing, this cover comes with an A5 sized 200 page blank journal. The cover can be removed once this journal is filled and any journal of the same size and be easily replaced.
The stunning tribal design is surrounded by a stunning work of lace art called a Mexican basketweave. It is a great piece to personalize your own date planner or journal.
All work is done by hand including the white stitching making it so that each stitch is known to be a truly strong stitch and will last a long time.
If you do not like the tribal design in the center a book jacket can be made with your or someone else's initials. (As this is all hand tooled please note that an added 10 dollars will be added to the price as this will require a new jacket to be built. Just leave us a message on check out, the cover also comes in dark brown, medium brown as well as mahogany the lacing will be signed in colour to stand out.)