Leather Woodgrain Hand Tooled Bicycle Handlebar Bag


This fully hand tooled hand sewn saddletan hand dyed leather bicycle handle bar belt bag is the perfect gift to give yourself or that special someone that does a lot of biking. It has been hand tooled with a lovely wood grain  look all over the bag. This is a perfect place to store your bike lock, your phone and your wallet and a little sunscreen. This truly unique leather bag will make you or your favorite bicyclist stand out amongst the crowd, and it will give you or them  a more comfortable ride as you/they  do not have to have your/their lock wrapped around the frame or the underside of the seat where it might come in contact with you and who likes to ride with a wallet in their pocket? This way you can easily carry a phone, id, and your cards any where you go with your bicycle. It holds firmly too the handle bars with two strong leather straps. The front closure strap is just as strong to hold your cargo in place! Make it so much easier to go for your morning ride, stop off at your favorite cafe to catch up with friends and grab a drink and relax.