Hand Crafted Leather dopp kit, gentlemen's toiletry bag


This dopp kit is something that no self respecting gentleman would be caught dead without! This finally hand crafted dopp kit, also known as a gentlemen's toiletry bag, is made from the finest Minelli Sides of leather. This dopp kit was made totally by hand, each stitch hand sewn so you know that each stitch is checked for its strength and stability. When the bag is empty it folds up for easy storage so that it does not take up much room when not in use. This bag is not line it is 100% leather inside and out.

Every gentlemen should have such a bag when they travel this way your fine clothing will not get damaged should something accidently leak, and lets face it no man wants toothpaste all over their stunning clothing! The dopp kit has plenty of room for storing your toiletry needs, from your razor to shaving cream even your shampoos and soaps and you can even put your own small wash cloth in the bag. There is a limited supply of this color available so act quickly before they are all taken by true gentlemen that know great quality when they see it!