Golden Celtic Vision Bracelet


This lovely vision has been plucked from forgotten times. Queens throughout time have worn such a weave, mostly gifted to them by knights in shining armour back from dangerous and mystical lands. Kings have fought mighty enemies just so that their Queens would have such a stunning bracelet.

This bracelet measures in at 20.5 cms in length with a sterling silver bar clasp. This kind of bracelet will catch every eye in the room as soon as the light hits off the stunning sterling silver and 14k rose gold links. Each link has been hand picked for its shine and for its near flawless look and meticulously hand woven to form this gorgeous bracelet.

This is the perfect wedding gift, no Queen should be without this bracelet on her most special day. And no princess should be with out this on her 18th or 21st birthday. Show that special Queen or Princess in your life how much she truly means to you.

If you need this bracelet to be longer or shorter simply send one of the Gremlins a message and it will be done in a flash! . This is a truly unique piece of jewellery that will round out your collection...or help you start your own precious metals jewellery.