About Us

We are asked all the time what B.E.S.T stands for and that is Beauty, Elegance, Strength and Tranquillity. We are located on the ever so lovely Northern Beaches in Australia, which does make it hard to get some work done in the summer as we all prefer to be at the beach!!! All of our products are made by hand. We use no machinery while making our products. If it requires stitching, then we stitch by hand, when weaving our chainmail jewellery the only thing that is used is two sets of pliers. This way you know that each piece is inspected for any flaws, the stitching is true and strong. With our leather goods you may notice a few minor flaws but this is the very nature of leather. We could cut out the flaws and waste a lot of leather but we prefer to keep our products just as nature made them. The flaws such as bug bite marks, wire marks, from the cattle rubbing against the barbed wire, only enhance the natural feel and beauty of the leather.