Stunning Rose Gold Dragon Weave Bracelet


This is a truly timeless bracelet fit only for Kings and Queens. Legend has it that this weave is based off how the dragon scales of old use to shimmer and gleam in the sunlight. The weave itself has been a closely guarded secret for many thousands of years, handed down from generation to generation. Only the very best have learned how to take such stunning material of Sterling Silver and gold and weave it into this truly elegant and awe inspiring bracelet. The bracelet measures at 21cms in length and is 3.6 cms wide. When the light hits this lovely bracelet it truly sparkles and looks as if it came straight from a dragon's back. When one moves the bracelet the gold shimmers with in the sterling silver causing all eyes to turn and look with awe at this bracelet

If you need this bracelet to be longer or shorter simply send one of the Gremlins a message and it will be done in a flash! . This is a truly unique piece of jewellery that will round out your collection...or help you start your own precious metals jewellery.