Sofia's Hope


This delicately woven 14k yellow gold and sterling silver bracelet is hand crafted, each link meticulously chosen to be as flawless as humanly possible. Legend has it that this weave was designed for a fair princess. Given to her by a king that the fair princess Sofia had rescued from a would be assassin. The bracelet is said to show the world how Sofia's hope shined, how strong but yet how delicate she was, a woman yet a warrior that no man could hope to match, her hope shown like a beacon to all of those around her.

You too can now own such a magnificent piece of jewellery such as the fair princess Sofia, let this stunning piece of art work show the world how strong and yet feminine you are. This piece will surely be the crown jewel of your collection. This bracelet is made from stunning fourteen karat yellow gold and sterling silver. The clasp is a simple but elegant bar clasp, easy to use and as secure as a lioness's cub in her mother's mouth, and measures in at 22 cms, though this can be adjusted to fit any wrist or style. This particular weave looks stunning as a snug fitting bracelet or it will look equally fetching when worn a little lose to allow some movement in the bracelet. Be as strong or as delicate looking as your heart desires. No matter the fit or combination of stunning 14k Rose Gold or 14k Yellow Gold, or maybe you want to have the borders Sterling Silver and the center rings made from gold, you will look as elegant as the fair Princess Sofia.

If you need this bracelet to be longer or shorter simply send one of the Gremlins a message and it will be done in a flash! . This is a truly unique piece of jewellery that will round out your collection...or help you start your own precious metals jewellery.