14k Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Knight's Round Bracelet


When Sir Lancelot returned to Avalon in search of his lost love, Guinevere, he had only the clothes on his back, sword and the gift of a bracelet. Enchanted with the bracelet Guinevere proclaimed her love for Sir Lancelot. Using the same methods that created one of the most noteworthy bracelets of the thirteenth century, we present the Knight's Round. All the eyes in the Kingdom will turn to you or your loved one whenever it's worn.. When worn this bracelet has a lovely weighty feeling as you can feel the quality of the precious metals resting against your flesh. This elegant bracelet will bring all eyes to you as it flashes in the light.

The bracelet is 20cms long and is made from 14k Rose gold and Sterling Silver. If you need this bracelet to be longer or shorter simply send one of the Gremlins a message and it will be done in a flash! . This is a truly unique piece of jewellery that will round out your collection...or help you start your own precious metals jewellery.