Dark Brown Leather Messenger Bag


This stunning piece of leather work will look perfect at a coffee shop while you catch up with friends, checking the stock market while on your coffee break, just as it will look perfect out on the streets as you prowl the night for your next great adventure. This messenger bag has been done all by hand, which includes the stitching. This bag will stand the test of time and will age.The stitching was done with the strongest stitch known to leather workers which is called a saddle stitch, that will outlast a machine stitch which makes this a very sturdy bag.

The shoulder strap is highly adjustable so that you can find that perfect fit and look for you. The front and back pocket are good places to store a phone or a small pad of paper. The front pocket is also great for storing your keys or sunglasses so that you do not accidently leave them at the coffee shop!

As these are hand made right down to the last stitch, if none are in stock please allow up to two weeks for the product to be shipped to you, it is well worth the wait!


Over All Bag Measurements

H: 27.3cms/ 10 3/4 inches

W: 31.1cms/ 12 1/4 inches

Depth: 10cms/ 4 inches


Back pocket:

H: 15.9cms/ 6 1/4 inches  (its a flat pocket so that is pretty much the depth as well)

Wide: 9 1/4 inches 


Front pocket:

H: 23.5cms/ 5 1/2 inches

W: 15.2cms/  6 inches

Depth max: 3.8cms/ 1 1/2 inches