Depression the great Lie, or Change Your Truth.

Normally we reserve these spots for business news and funny things, but there is something that we all feel strongly here at Gibbin's and that is Depression as the owner has faced and still does at times his own depression. So starting today we are going to start something called Change Your Truth so please sit back and read and share your thoughts. 

 I have suffered from depression for the last 15 years, to the point of me losing control of my own body and mind and trying to commit suicide.  As I have slowly rebuilt myself, and learned more about this lie that is called depression the more that I see, the more I learn, and people are going about dealing with depression wrong. You see I say depression is a great lie because it based on lies that we tell ourselves.

I am fat, I am worthless, I have no friends, my family hates me, the world is out to get me, I will never find love, I am not worth loving, everyone around me would be better off if I was dead...These are just some of the great lies that we tell ourselves, and we believe these lies because our emotions are running our head not the logical side of us.  All of these things and more are going on in the head of some one that is NOT dealing with depression. And it builds like a snow ball it just continues to go on and on and on, betting bigger and bigger until you are one day flattened by it.
Now there are people that need medication, I was one of them for about 6 to 8 months before I took myself off it. You see anti-depression meds do not help, well I take it back, they help to a certain extent..they make it so your emotions are dulled, so they are not screaming at you, and give you a middle ground...the problem with anti-depression meds is most of them do not let you face what you truly have to face..and that is yourself.
Now here is where my new campaign is going to start and its called "Change your truth." You see we each hold our own truth, what may be true for one person may not be true for another person.  With depression the key to winning this war, even the small battles with it, which turn into great victories if we allow, is to change our own truth about ourselves.
You see all those lies that I mentioned before, a lot of them have a grain of truth in it, that is why we start to believe all of these negative emotions all the negative thoughts that we have. It gets so bad that we overwhelm ourselves, and can not see the honest truth.
Logic is the key to fighting depression and here is how Change Your Truth, comes in to effect. What we need to do is take one thought, one of the negative thoughts about ourselves..lets say you keep seeing yourself as fat and ugly because of the weight you have put on...the truth of the matter is sure you may have put on 5 or 6 pounds, but when you look into the mirror you do not see these 5 or 6 pounds what you see when you look at yourself is this false image of a person that looks like a blimp.  Yet the reality is that you are not a blimp but our minds do not let us see the has warped our truth...So what do we do?
We Change our Truth, this is a hard thing to do I will not lie to you, but once you start with ONE negative thought, and truly look at it with logic, not with emotions, you find that grain of truth and you CHANGE you have gained a little weight, get up and go for a walk, go outside and watch your kids or pets play and get a little active. I am not talking about running a marathon, even if its just going down the front steps and walking to the end of your drive away and back, do that every day for a week, then next week, go beyond your drive way, go down to the end of the road and back, keep doing this for another week..and slowly stretch out where you walk or run to.
This way you change YOUR truth as you will see that the weight is coming off..then once you change this one truth about yourself you will be able to look at another negative thought and find that grain of truth and CHANGE YOUR TRUTH!!
We all hold our own truths about ourselves, and no matter what kind of help we seek we have to do the work, we have to change the truth about how we see ourselves. By changing one truth about yourself you will see that depression's hold on you will slowly start to ease. This is not an instant cure, there is no such thing, but by changing one truth about yourself you will start to win this war and will start to feel better about yourself.
Remember you can Change your own truth!
Best of luck and may the powers that be always guide your way.

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Leather smartphone belt bag

Latest prototype

Well we have come up with a new leather smart phone belt bag/case that we really like the feel and look of. It feels and looks more like a saddle bag then a traditional case. It sits great on a belt, no rubbing against your flesh or anything and it has a rugged feel and look.  So we are in the process of making 3 of these watch this space for more news!

Leather smartphone belt bag

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