Something a little diffrent a journey into the paleo world

Well figured this would be a good place to kind of show that we are always learning always growing. Gibbinthegremlin is a small business, one that not only continues to grow and define what the company is but also the people with in the company grow and learn. So as the CEO, it's good to be in power!!, has decided to try the paleo lifestyle, not a diet because lets face it no one really sticks with a diet for long. This is a change in life style that I am going to try, not 100 % paleo as there are things that I like that I choose not to give up, like dr pepper!! Just going to cut back on the soda, try and eat a little healthier so that I too can continue to grow with the company and not die from a heart attack from so much fast food. So will be sharing this journey here as well as the company continues to grow and expand to find it's own identity amonst the million other small businesses.

Starting today Gibbin starts the Paleo world, oh and the cooking world as I have set water on fire...don't ask you really do not want to know. So stay tuned as we keep you up to date both on the company's newest products such as our stunning jewellery boxes but also on the paleo world and how it goes.

Normally businesses tend not to endorse products that the company does not have some kind of affiliation with because as the old saying goes...nothing is for free...well that is now how Gibbinthegremlin rolls. We are not affiliated with this company but we do use their product and can attest to the fine product and along with the Paleo life style we are hoping that it will help improve our lives even more. So if you have ever thought about yoga, or if you are a guy looking for a different work out or a way to just take a few pounds off check out . If you put the work in it really does help a LOT! More to come check back later to find out how our first paleo dinner goes...I am cooking dear lord help us all!! But even I should not be able to screw up fish sticks and French fries...hey I did say we not going 100% paleo the fish sticks are...not so much the fries but mmmm fries!!!


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Survived the first Paleo dinner woo hoo!!

Well billy bob did not poison us last night!!! Actually it was very tasty, coconut baked basa fish sticks with normal chips...hey never screw with a redneck's French fries good way to get hurt!!! But this might not be a bad journey at all. While he was cooking we did learn to do a new braide which is called a square braid with 8 thongs. Not ovelry sure what we will be doing with the braid but it might make for some nice soft bracelets!